British Red Cross


Design & Development

One of the design challenges for the platform, was to create something that stood out from their previous campaigns, but also stayed within their (pretty epic) brand guidelines. One of the first things we did was to reverse their main site’s colour scheme, with light text on darker backgrounds to give it a fresh distinctive feel. We then created an animated intro which kept consistency with the social campaign, a silky-smooth carousel displaying featured OneKindThing’s, and a modern layout for the rest of the content, accessible through fluid transitions between the pages.

From the development, a lot of planning had to go into the technical features. These included: a) A hybrid server-side and single page application. Each page has it’s own URL for tracking and SEO purposes but near instant navigation between pages; b) The clicks on call to actions are logged and automatically update the ‘Kind Things So Far’ counter on the homepage; c) The CMS allows the creation of unique referral codes which can be used to customise the content a user will see on the home page. This can be used to tailor content to a specific campaign or audience.

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