Jamie Oliver VEG


For the 3rd year in a row we were luckily enough to win the campaign for Jamie’s latest book – VEG. It gives readers an extensive selection of veg-based dishes, from simple suppers and family favourites, to weekend dishes for sharing with friends.
As we all know, vegetarian cooking comes hand in hand with a few misconceptions; some might think it’s difficult to cook, some might feel it’s not children friendly, some even believe it’s too time consuming or not even tasty! We addressed these misconceptions head on by talking to all those different consumer groups who wonder whether vegetarian cooking is for them. We told this story through a playful tone of voice and by talking to people in their own every day language to create a warm, yet ‘to the point’ feel.vimeo.com


Creative & rollout

As the book is full of vibrant, colourful recipes we made sure the creative highlighted this by focusing on the cut-out dish alongside a selection of bold primary colours which stood out from the usual colour palettes seen in many other vegetarian books.
Penguin Books have rolled out the campaign internationally, across various platforms from out of home billboards and digital displays to all forms of social media and online advertising.